• Experience

    Applesoft Basic screenshot
    This is the real command line.
    I say I come from a LAMP background, but if you go further back you'll find I was into Borland C++ and even Applesoft BASIC as a wee lad. Ew, am I that old? These days, like everyone else, I'm into the Node thing.

    Here's some stuff I know

    • HTML, CSS, Sass/Less.
    • JavaScript, jQuery, Node, etc.
    • MySql, Mongo.
    I've had some jobs in IT support, Helpdesk, QA, Frontend and Backend. The thing I like most is learning new stuff and using my tech powers to find creative solutions for problems.
  • My life as a Nick

    What's a personal website without listing a bunch of stuff I like?

    • My son is the best.
    • Sci-fi books and movies (I could go on and on).
    • Soul, Funk, Classical, oh man, just about everything.
    • Stinky things like cheese and beer. The smellier, the better.
    • Baking (you know, like actual bread and stuff.)
    • Making things out of other things with my kid.
    • Unordered lists.
  • Contact me